Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Stranger Offers Help

When she offered to redesign my blog to make it look better, I could not believe it. After all, she was a total stranger. Having worked with charities for years of my life, I am no stranger to strangers offering help to strangers. But seldom am I at the receiving end of a stranger's kind deeds and when I am, it gets me really floored.

When Sasha of offered help to give the looks of my main blog, Before The Sunsets, some makeover, I accepted it immediately like I was afraid she would change her mind. I have been wanting to do something about the anemic look of my generic blog template for a long time but I did not have the needed skills to do it. Now, thanks to Sasha, my blog sports a nicer look.

Again, Sasha, thank you so much. May there be more of your kind.


  1. Wow! she did? how nice of her! and how blessed of you. you seem to be surrounded with good people. =)

  2. It is called "paying it forward" and there are so many kind and generous people out there. How refreshing to here of this. Thanks for sharing a tidbit of kindness. The world is not so jaded as it sometimes appears.