Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Wonder If I Ever Lived My Life For Me.

The town finally emerges from the cover of the clouds. Nothing on the previous photographs betrayed some signs that behind the clouds there are people going on with their own business of living. Perhaps there is no need to know. We look at the photographs and are amazed at nature's wonderful show. We just let the beauty fill up our senses. There are experiences that are meant to be enjoyed in silence. No questions asked.

There are times though that I ponder at my own life and wonder whether I have not strayed in the "no questions ask" zone more times than I should have been. I have relied so much on my senses to guide me in my life journey. Most of the things I did, I did it because I loved, because I cared and sometimes because I hated. I seldom let my reason come into play. I guess I believed in what one often reads in those Hallmark cards about needing no reason to love and letting love be the reason.

Sometimes, I ask myself whether I had been living my life for others or had I lived it for me. I got no clear answer. Perhaps,  there is really  no contradiction. Perhaps that is really how life ought to be lived. Maybe, it is only in living it for others that one could give meaning to his own life.

Whatever the answer, I still wished I had gotten myself  interested in what lay hidden behind the clouds. I wished I  had not only let myself  just feel the beautiful "panoramas" that came along my life but also "think" them.

If had let reason play a more vital role in my decisions on what turns to take as I drove through life's highway, would my life had been more fulfilling? I do not know. Perhaps, there would have been less hurting and being hurt. Less "downs"  and more "ups". Less distractions. More focus.But then again well thought off or not, life is unpredictable. I would just have to go ahead and  live it the best way I know how.  

(Note: These photos were taken with a 4MP camera and so are not as sharp as I wanted them to be. I have to get you better shots next time. Promise. :))


  1. I think there are times when we have to live for ourselves and times where we have to live for others. In this world, we are inter-connected to each other and unless we want to live the life of a hermit, we have to live in harmony with each other. And in doing that we have to love and respect each other. I believe that the moments when you are living and following your heart were the moments you have lived for yourself and others.

  2. Very nice photos. A very interesting perspective on life. I feel that life is. There is no need to question every aspect of it. In general you can just go with the flow.

  3. First, the photos are wonderful.

    I have found in my some odd decades of life that you need to put yourself first and only then are you able to love others unconditionally. I came across an interesting quote the other day that went something like this "Never allow someone else to be your priority if you are only their option." Great post, I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Excellent photographs and well written article. The presentation is truly from the heart and anyone reading it can feel the emotions.

  5. Great photos and also a wonderful accompanying post. I too have asked myself the same question on more than one occasion.

    However, I have adopted an expression used by my youngest daughter, "It is what it is." That is so true.

    So going with the flow is what I try my best to do everyday! I have never been a strong swimmer and don't want to struggle going upstream at this age!

  6. Lovely photographs and a great post to go with it as well. Your work has the "it" that I love going back to again and again. And my! You get interesting reactions from your readers. I enjoyed reading them as well.

    I have an "easy go lucky" approach to life. I just ask myself if I am happy with what I do and if I am I just go ahead with it.

  7. Suddenly I became reflective and ponder about my life and priorities while reading your clearly written article. Your reflection evokes in me a sort of re-examination about my own philosophy as I relate to myself, others, and the world. The accompanying photographs are also thought-provoking, making me remember the beauty of God's creation. Your blog is unique.

  8. You got an interesting way of drawing parallels between nature and life and it looks like it is not just me who think you are doing a very good job at it.

    Like you, Shinade and the rest, I have often asked myself the same question. I believe that unless you seek a modus vivendi to live life both for you and for others it would be difficult to live a happy life.

    I agree with Eli, your blog is unique.

  9. As is often stated, "the unexamined life is not worth living." We often live with the assumptions and scripts unconsciously adopted by ourselves without question. By stepping back and taking a look from the outside, we can often live a more productive and enjoyable life.