Saturday, August 8, 2009

You Are How You Color Life

Nature's wonderful play of colors is what makes it astoundingly beautiful. Color is what makes each natural beauty what it is. Would Yellow Bells be Yellow Bells if they weren’t yellow or would a Roman Candle be what it is if it were purple? Surely, without their color, they would cease to be what they are.

 But so are we. We are how we color ourselves. 

One woman donned with courage the mantle of leadership of a revolution that saw the end of one of the world’s most entrenched dictatorship.  She colored the revolution yellow. This lady took the  color yellow which used to signify cowardice and  turned it into a symbol of courage. Yellow became the rallying color that united her people to face the tanks that would have sent the revolution to a river of red, of blood spilled and lives lost. 

Yellow is every Filipino who took the courage to say “enough is enough” and put their lives on the line to reclaim their freedom. Yellow is Corazon Aquino who dared to take an almost impossible task and finished it together with the Filipino people with the rain of yellow confetti pouring on their victory parade.  Yellow is a proud era in Philippine history. Speak of yellow to any Filipino and that is what they would remember.
I would not be remembered in such grandeur but as I reflect on my life I wonder about how I colored myself and what others would think each time I register on their memory waves. I know that to some, I colored myself as one who is kind and giving to a fault. To  those who know of my political beliefs, I am definitely red. Someone who had fiercely fought for what she believes no matter what the price. To my friends and loved ones, my color speaks of one who gave it all without taking.  Looking back,  I could see colors I wish were either in darker or lighter shade or were another color instead. But such is life. Every color you apply would be there for good. Still, the fabric of my life as I have woven it looks lovely in my eyes. I am sure the people around me who helped provide the thread would agree.           

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