Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walking Through The Storm With Your Head Up High

I stayed cooped inside our mountain cottage as the storm continued to rage outside. When it was finally over, I heard it blasted on the radio it left on its wake hundreds of people dead and thousands of people homeless. De javu! I was there before and I know the pain. It is going to be difficult finding the strength to move on. I could only pray that the victims would somehow find a way to get over it.

I went outside the cottage to survey the damage. Tree branches were strewn all over. It was like some crazy went on indiscriminate felling of trees. But what caught my attention were these plants that seemed like they did not go through the storm. I took some pictures and as I did, I tried to reflect on the storms that we all go through in life.

There are days when everything seems right with our life. We feel beautiful. We are on top of the world and nothing seems to go wrong. We wish it would go on and on but that is not the way it goes with living. We could wake up one day and find that life has taken a cruel turn. Everything seems to be falling apart and nothing makes sense any longer. The once sunny life could suddenly disappear in the face of a storm.

I am often asked how I weather the storm that comes into my life and emerge not withered. I do not feel I have the answer. Often, when sailing on life's rough seas, I feel like it is the end for me. I give up all hope of reaching the shore. The reason for the journey is all lost. I feel like this sojourn in life is all for nothing. Still in the face of all this negativity, some fiber of hope within me keeps on stirring. Somehow, I always manage to make myself believe that all this talk about the light at the end of the tunnel is true. Perhaps, that is how I go through it all. I just dream of the light, believe I will find it and survive the storm, maybe not as well as the plants on the photos, but still looking well.

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  1. Great post. Taking a quote from it "Somehow, I always manage to make myself believe that all this talk about the light at the end of the tunnel is true." as a great reason to go on, I might ask you to consider that, in addition to what joy may be awaiting us after this life, even with all that is horrible and difficult, this life today is amazing. Just the idea that you have the gift to notice what you do about this life of yours. Namaste.